ssnn is a creative agency in Antwerp founded by Dennis Janssens and Tom Tiepermann. We are specialized in creating visual identities, printed matter and websites. We do this with an artistic, thoughtful and daring look at design. Our approach ensures that your business gets the identity it wants to radiate. Sounds interesting? Don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to meet you!

Our approach

At ssnn we enter into a dialogue with our clients and focus on the needs and expectations from the beginning of each project. The designs are the result of a well thought-out and coherent concept in which we strive for design that fits the clients vision. For us, close collaboration is very important, in this way we invest in sustainable relations with our clients.


Are you a start-up or already an established value, at ssnn ​​there is only one thing that matters: that is that we are both ambitious. If you have a specific question, assignment or a lot of ideas, we like to think along and help you step by step. For each project we look for powerful visual solutions that strengthen your brand or service. At ssnn we work for start-ups, commercial brands and for cultural institutions.


Art direction
Concept development
Corporate identity
Creative direction
Editorial design

Graphic design


There are currently no internship opportunities available.


20.10.2019 Lecture at After Adobe Max 2019
08.11.2018 Lecture at Boekenbeurs 2018 for Stockmans Art Books
30.10.2018 Lecture at University of Antwerp (Antwerp Poster Festival)
01.10.2018 Lecture for Sint Lucas Antwerp
25.09.2018 Lecture for VOKA Entrepreneurial Tour
17.05.2018 Lecture for AP Hogeschool - TakeOffAntwerp
22.03.2018 Lecture for starters at Gate15
23.10.2016 A glimpse of where we’re going, STAM Ghent
15.06.2016 Graduation, KASK Ghent
20.05.2016 [+] Memories, PC Sint-Jan Baptist Zelzate
19.05.2016 Where Are We Now, Sint Lucas Antwerp
24.03.2018 Workshop Low Budget Postermaking, Formaat
14.09.2015 Buzzkruit Generation Swarm, APBC
26.06.2015 MA Graduation, Sint Lucas Antwerp
12.02.2015 Light, Screen, Action - Electron Breda
15.09.2014 Razzle Dazzle - Electron Breda
24.10.2013 Video & poster ‘An Odyssey to Blue’, Integrated 2013
09.10.2013 Bring Your Own Beamer, MHKA Antwerp
27.06.2015 Otis College Of Art And Design LA, Otis Design Week
01.07.2016 KASK Ghent: Teacher certification in the arts
01.07.2015 Sint Lucas Antwerpen: Master (MFA)
21.07.2014 Internship at Studio Beige, Rotterdam
15.10.2018 Teacher Sint Lucas School Of Arts Antwerp
16.04.2018 Coloma Plus
15.03.2016 Intern, DKO Academie Berchem
26.04.2017 Teacher, Sint Lucas Antwerpen
15.03.2016 DKO Academie Berchem